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WORX WG509 Corded Electric TriVac Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum & Impellar Bag and Strap

WORX WG509 Corded Electric TriVac Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum & Impellar Bag and Strap

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**The WORX TriVac Delux Mulcher/Vacuum/Blower**. The new WORX TRIVAC 3 in 1 Compact Blower/Mulcher/Vac has gained a six speed . electronic variable speed . throttle control that adjusts the machine’s air flow from 75 to 210 mph. The biggest advantage of electronic speed control is using different speeds when blowing the top of mulch or in corners. Homeowners are in full command when using this handy yard appliance. At 210 mph . its category 5 . hurricane like blower moves large volumes of leaves in no time at all . but it is also capable of minimizing air flow to dislodge debris from sensitive areas.The WORX TRIVAC is one of the only blower/mulcher/vacs on the market that requires no tools or kits to convert from blower to mulcher/vac. A single lever makes the conversion quick and easy with no downtime. Once the lever is engaged . TRIVAC’s 2 stage mulching system takes over. Stage one features a high velocity shredder blade that shreds debris before entering stage two . which pulverizes it with a metal impeller **Ease up on your next outdoor cleanup**. The all new WORX TRIVAC with Multi Stage All Metal Mulching system combines convenient new features with our unique 3 in 1 design . giving you a powerful . lightweight and easy to use blower . mulcher and yard vacuum. All in one system: Blower/Vac/Mulcher Quickly converts from blower to vacuum mode with the flip of a switch Metal impeller with added shredder blade provides a 18:1 mulch ratio Electronic variable speed for corner sweeping and maximum performance Innovative vac tube design that easily reaches under decks and patio furniture

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