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Worx WG307 5 Amp JawSaw Electric Chainsaw

Worx WG307 5 Amp JawSaw Electric Chainsaw

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The Worx JawSaw is the chainsaw . re-invented. The JawSaw is the first and only fully enclosed chainsaw . which features a patented system that provides automatic lubrication and tightening of the chain. THE SAFEST CHAINSAW ON THE MARKET . the JawSaw’s blade & chain retract until they’re fully enclosed in the guard . protecting users from dangerous contact . making the JawSaw the safest chainsaw available. The JawSaw is also the only chainsaw designed to operate directly on the ground or pavement . so no more heavy lifting or sore backs! You can chop up fallen tree limbs right on the ground. This electric chainsaw weighs only 8.1 lbs. so it’s more maneuverable than larger chainsaws. Its steel teeth hold work in place while cutting for added stability. And its scissor cut action limits dangerous kickbacks. Plus . it’s electric . so you don’t have to deal with the fuss . mess . and extra expense of gasoline. Includes a 3-year warranty & a 30-day money back warranty. The Worx JawSaw is not only the easiest . but is also the safest way to clean up the mess from any storm.

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