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Copper Compression PRO+ Performance Leg Sleeve L-XL: Compression for Pain Relief from Shin Splints and Sore Muscles (Unisex, Black, 1 Pair)

Copper Compression PRO+ Performance Leg Sleeve L-XL: Compression for Pain Relief from Shin Splints and Sore Muscles (Unisex, Black, 1 Pair)

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The Copper Compression PRO+ Performance Leg Sleeve. Chosen by elite athletes from MVP quarterback Drew Brees to college sports’ best. Perform better and bounce back faster with targeted compression and all-day comfort.

Push harder . run longer . achieve more by warming and priming quads . hamstrings and calf muscles. Gain stability and confidence with just the right amount of joint support. Increase blood flow and reduce inflammation . lactic acid buildup and soreness so you can keep moving.

Copper has proven odor-reducing properties. PRO+ leg sleeves have copper infused into the fibers and then the finished fabric is treated with additional copper ions to ensure the PRO+ leg sleeve will keep going day after day . just like you.

4-way stretch means the PRO+ sleeve moves with you . supporting a full range of motion and never pinching or bunching. Our improved PRO+ fabric is breathable and moisture wicking . keeping you cool and comfortable no matter the conditions.

Why choose Copper Compression PRO+? It’s right in the name!

Copper: naturally reduce odors and extend the life of the fabric. Stays fresh longer than other compression and performance apparel. Because it is directly in the fibers of the fabric . PRO+ copper never washes away . even in the washing machine.

Compression: Clinically proven to improve athletic performance by warming and priming muscle fibers and to speed recovery . the PRO+ leg sleeve supports you during intense activity and also while you rest and recover. By increasing blood flow and helping expel lactic acid . PRO+ sleeves reduce soreness and stiffness to get you back in the game faster than ever.

PROfessional Grade: Chosen by elite athletes like Drew Brees . the PRO+ leg sleeve is everything your leg needs . and nothing extra. Simple and effective with proven benefits.

Our PROmise: 100% Satisfaction. If you are not happy with your PRO+ leg sleeve . we will make it right or refund you the full price no questions asked.

Why use the PRO+ leg sleeve?

  • Reduce pain from runner’s knee
  • Reduce inflammation associated with tendinitis
  • Help injuries heal with increased blood flow
  • Prime muscles for peak performance
  • Reduce risk of injury and pulled muscles
  • Increase range of motion
  • Move without pain
  • Increase endurance
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