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Ai Power 4000W Gasoline Generator With Wheel Kit

Ai Power 4000W Gasoline Generator With Wheel Kit

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Have all the power you need everywhere you go with the A-iPower AP4000 4 .000 Watt Portable Generator. This portable power supplier runs on fuel and provides plenty of run time to help you get the job done.The generator will start off with a powerful 4 .000 watts of power . but then will continually run on 3 .000 watts of power. Powered by fuel . this backup generator showcases a 208CC/7hp OHV engine with a spacious 4-gallon capacity fuel tank. Combined with an efficient Senci alternator . you’ll be able to run for 12 hours at a 50-percent load. Easily tell when you’ll need to refuel as the easy-to-read fuel gauge is built-in and have peace of mind as the engine has an automatic shutoff when the oil is low to prevent any damage.With a TT-30R RV outlet as well as 120-volt AC plug-ins . you’ll have plenty of versatile electric power. The generator is ideally made to power any lights . TV . refrigerator . pumps . and fan all at once . and has the ability to power 1-2 power tools. This compact generator is perfect for any construction job site . your home . and RV’ing applications.Always have power in hand with the A-iPower AP4000 Generator.

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