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200W Peak Power Station Flashfish CPAP Battery: A Robust 166Wh 45000mAh Backup

200W Peak Power Station Flashfish CPAP Battery: A Robust 166Wh 45000mAh Backup

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Empower Your Outdoor Adventures and Stay Prepared with the Flashfish EA150 Portable Power Station

Product Details: Flashfish EA150 Portable Power Station

Experience the freedom of a versatile power source designed to fuel your outdoor adventures and provide peace of mind during power outages. The Flashfish EA150 portable power station offers a wide range of features to keep you powered up wherever you go.


Wide Application: Our 166Wh portable generator is equipped with three outputs . including two 110V AC outlets to charge devices like CPAP machines . tablets . laptops . cameras . drones . fans . and more. Additionally . three USB ports (including two quick charge ports) are available for smartphones . iPads . GPS devices . and various other electronics. Two DC ports add further versatility.

Specific Features: With a 45000mAh capacity . pure sine wave technology . 150W AC continuous power . and 200W AC peak power . this power supply pack offers stable and efficient charging for multiple devices. Its compact and lightweight design . weighing only 4.5lb . makes it exceptionally portable.

3 Ways to Recharge: You have three convenient options for recharging this high-capacity power bank. Use a wall outlet . connect a solar panel (not included in the package) . or utilize the 12V car socket. The necessary accessories . such as a power adapter . cigarette lighter adapter . and car charger . are all included.

Safety Performance: The power station prioritizes safety with features like overheat protection . short-circuit protection . low-voltage protection . lock-on protection . over-voltage protection . and over-current protection. These safeguards ensure your devices remain unharmed during charging . providing peace of mind during use.


  • Shipping Limitations: Built-in lithium-ion with mobile power function


The Flashfish EA150 portable power station serves as a reliable power source for various scenarios. Whether you’re camping . hunting . fishing . attending outdoor parties . or enjoying music festivals . it’s your trusted companion. In addition to recreational use . it can also act as an emergency backup power source for lighting and communication during unexpected power outages.

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